justCareer is a protected space for solution-focused processes, exclusively designed for managers with professional experience who are looking to actively direct their career and/or are in period of transition – whether desired or undesired.

You may expect effective coaching and expert consulting. We are there for you and will listen to you any time, present possibilities and develop (new) perspectives. Resource-oriented, unbiased, professional.

We play an advising role for our process partners in finding, or even inventing, individualized solutions. We create the circumstances under which a coachee can formulate his or her goals and craft his or her own solution.

We are convinced that finding and creating solutions is more valuable than solving problems, especially within the professional context experienced in the role of a manager. This creed makes it possible for our customers to reach the point at which things are “good enough” to continue working (independently) extremely quickly. A transformation takes place every time and quite rapidly.

Over and again, we apply the quote from Steve de Shazer:

“The solution has to be ready before the problem can be understood.”

We find this maxim to be extremely helpful in quickly exiting the trance-like state of fixation on a problem in favor of ascertaining the desired future, that is, the solution, or at least the solution level.

We work by talking, walking, working online and over the phone. We will work at the sites that are important to you personally and signify resources for you. We will meet you in Munich, Venice, Berlin and all over the world.

We will work with you to find or invent your individualized solutions for successful life and career planning and accompany you throughout the execution.

Here are a few key concepts to describe how we will work together.

We maintain strict independence from third parties, even from the companies who contact us.

Focus on solutions
Our methodology, and therefore our coaching, is consistent and solution-focused. We take an interest in problems, diagnosing them and uncovering their origin and background only to the extent that doing so brings the process toward a solution. We are interested in (your) solutions and the existential circumstances under which they arise and are experienced. Significant elements of our methodology include:

  • Change cannot be avoided
  • Confidence: it will work/always works
  • Attentiveness, empathy, acceptance and esteem
  • Resource orientation
  • Patience
  • Authenticity

“Things are not what they are. They are always what we make of them.” (Mies van der Rohe)

We are convinced that our coachees are process partners and that they themselves are the experts in sculpting the future they desire. We are responsible (only) for the method. We believe that solutions are constructed within the coachee’s system. However, we naturally implement our expertise from over 25 years in personal consulting and applicant coaching wherever it will be of use to you.

All consultants are professionally trained, solution-focused coaches with system-relevant backgrounds, advanced training and at least 20 years of applicable experience from operational business as well. All consultants are or have been managers themselves. As experts, we only consult in fields in which we have proven expertise.

No knowledge or information acquired during the consulting process will be passed on to a third party without your express consent.

Simple, but not easy. (de Shazer)