For people we meet in the course of their new professional orientation, for those we are coaching and for other interested parties, walking provides an opportunity to link thinking with a physical experience and to discover motion as a resource for moving thoughts forward as well. In the words of Otl Aucher, “Thoughts begin to hunt for ideas while walking”.

The appetite for something to feel and experience, for directness, simplicity and freedom from complications is met. We remain calm, yet also in dialog. Body, respiration and spirit are experienced as one unit, using the stillness and motion in walking to become cognizant, to perceive and to become whole. Motion supports us in entering a state in which we are focused and more easily capable of perceiving and expressing feelings and thoughts. Every healthy person can walk.

Elements such as uncertainty and orientation play an important role when walking. Experience how direction grows out of uncertainty while in motion, producing new perspectives and courses of action for the day-to-day of your professional life. How it is necessary to give up a fixed viewpoint again and again in order to progress. How there are detours and returns, goals and perspectives.

We arrange personal walks on individual appointment, as well as for groups – once in the spring and once in the fall.

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