Solution-focused career coaching for managers

Career coaching for managers was born out of many years of professional experience, particularly that of Elisabeth Helena Jacobs-Jahrreiß as HR Director in the LVMH Group and as the Recruiting CEO for J&P GmbH. She has been advising managers and experts in personal transitions for more than 25 years.

In addition to training with Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, she also received significant instruction from Pater Szabó, Dr. Gunter Schmid, Matthias Varga von Kibéd and many others. She completed training in solution-focused work at the Solution Management Center in Vienna. She is a member of SFCT (Solution Focused Consulting Training) and has been combining solution-focused work with GehWege, which she developed with Christian Jacobs.

We work exclusively with experienced managers in the following fields:

  • Career coaching for managers in transition situations, whether desired or undesired
  • Ready for Change: application consulting
  • GehWege
  • Personality profile analyses

We will provide support in your personal change process, especially in the following areas:

  • Continuous advice and coaching during your change process
  • Dealing with circumstances in the case of an undesired transition
  • More clearly defining your values, goals, and potential as well as their realization
  • Developing skills and personality profiles
  • Identifying development fields, potential analyses
  • “Uniquability”: identity, image, positioning, orientation, communication, self-marketing
  • Communication of difficult items on a résumé and answering delicate questions
  • Interview training with and without video feedback
  • Monitoring your presence in relevant databases / on the internet
  • Approaching personnel consultants for you
  • Establishing contacts while protecting your anonymity
  • Market information
  • Salary arrangements and negotiation
  • Monitoring and organizing your change process
  • Last but not least: entry into the J&P contact database and notification of interesting projects.

Furthermore, our personnel consultants and psychologists have significant expertise and experience in all relevant aptitude diagnostics methods, which means they can support you in getting to know yourself better and/or in preparing for a new orientation in a targeted manner.