Solution to Go

We know that…

  • You do not have much time.
  • Sometimes, matters are very urgent.
  • You do not always need an entire coaching unit.
  • You may want to work evenings, over the weekend or during holiday breaks.
  • You often have to find or invent an ad hoc solution.
  • You want to be independent of the coaching site.
  • Yet, you still prefer direct communication.

No problem.

That is why we have developed a method by which we can work with you online via e-mail correspondence, with guaranteed response times daily on any five days of the week you choose, thus guaranteeing a quick process.

You send an e-mail and we guarantee a reply within 24 hours. Just like in a personal coaching session with numerous questions, queries and – when desired and suitable – with the entirety of our expertise in the interest of your transformation. Online coaching is a method J&P developed over the years founded on therapeutic writing combined with systematic solution-focused approach. It is based on the coach’s intuition, ability to read “between the lines” and especially, the coach’s perception.

Of course, your coach will continue, as always, to be at your disposal and will also be available for appointments over the phone, on Skype, or in person.