By establishing a strong employer brand, a company becomes competitive and attractive for future talent. Today, social media and a professional candidate approach are essential for active recruiting. The big job portals advertise with tens of millions of candidate visits. However, YOU are searching for employees who are consciously choosing small to medium-sized companies. We already did it. With justChampions, we address precisely the target group you are searching for, with your investment in company showcases and with as many job advertisements as you want.

justChampions is a specialized marketplace for every (hidden) champion: a platform for companies and candidates. It is the answer to stereotypical employer profiles, mass job portals and anonymous employee assessment, to candidates who feel harassed, and to outdated job postings.

justChampions refers to all successful small and medium-sized companies that provide an exclusive trading platform for a lively and attractive insight into their daily life, their lived culture, their places and business processes. It is far more than an employer profile.

In addition, active and future jobseekers can discover exciting new employers and apply directly or through us.

And the very best: We are a moderator, quality assurance provider and contact person for talented individuals and companies. As a matter of course, we undertake your application management, the selection of applicants and organization of the entire processes. If you wish. You can change your preferences for each new search. Depending on your capacities and skills, we will advise you individually and above all, professionally.

Curious? Then take a look at our company showcase.