Today, we know that a successful strategic reorientation is directly related to the further development of your corporate culture, since a strategy includes a whole series of implicit culture statements that, when made explicit, become much more effective and solidify true success. We will assist you in developing your culture, starting with value and practice-oriented culture audits. We will work with you to define intelligent models, implement applied ethics into your management process and even connect your company with contemporary art to enhance your cultural impact on society. In any case, dealing with corporate culture always means dealing with our sense of awareness and our image of humanity. In this process, we are guided by questions such as:

  • What is really, really important to us?
  • What rules of the game for work and collaboration do we actually play by?
  • What “tools and processes” will we work with, and where?
  • What are the symbols and rituals that are meaningful to us?
  • What makes us sad, happy and proud?
  • Who are we and who do we wish to work with?
  • What values does society associate with our company?

Culture is always lived out in relationships. Start your cultural mobilization with the question: Where do we want feedback?