After 25 years of successful HR-consulting, we understand what really matters and we do not make compromises, not when it comes to consulting our clients or advising our candidates.

We received every single contract exclusively through recommendations.

Our clients in small and medium-sized companies, as well as at the international corporate division level, consciously choose a partnership with J&P, since they do not want just any consulting firm: They want the best managers and specialists available for a position. And they know that this is something that can only be attained together.

Our clients are either champions or they are on their way to becoming so. In particular, their successful employee decisions across all hierarchical levels distinguish them from average players. For them, it is beyond all doubt that they can create sustainable values with the right and best employees. At the same time, they also know: Making a wrong appointment in the management of a company and on the employee level can ruin companies economically, destroy the company’s business culture and weaken the employer brand.

We consult our clients across all levels of seniority and in all industries.

We are consciously generalists in order to keep ourselves in a position from which we can comprehensively approach the increasingly complex problems with which our clients are faced.

We generally work for only one customer in each sector, thereby ensuring that we can maximize our radius of movement and that all of our consulting know-how flows exclusively to our partner. This requires the willingness and the ability to function as a team from both sides.

We made the decision. Now it is your turn.