We are proud of the work we have accomplished with our clients and our team over the past 25 years. We take on challenging projects everywhere in Europe.

Today, we work with a team and partners, as well as freelancers, on projects ranging from recruitment through the entire corporate hierarchy, to the development and implementation of an HR-strategy, to conceptualizing and implementing complex change strategies. We even develop films with our partners, which, for example, support their employer brand and their strategy implementation. We work on diagnostic instruments for high performance organizations, employee newspapers that change awareness sustainably, games to mobilize the whole organization, and much more.

We are able to do this because we live in a corporate culture that allows us to work beyond our own borders, thanks to our excellent network of partners with locations in Berlin, London, Munich, Münster and Paris. These endeavors are supported by our continuous involvement with contemporary art, cultural studies and social sciences.

In 2011, we expanded the dialog with our clients by launching the culture magazine “Earnest & Algernon”. This periodical invites readers to explore personal growth, unconventional thinking, interdisciplinary methodologies and innovative action. We are very pleased that “Earnest & Algernon” is so successful that it has spurred the development of a “cultural companion”, which from now on stands on its own two feet and clearly continues to encourage our business partners: with zines, events, courses and other innovative formats for developing individually and entrepreneurially.

And last but not least, our clients support us in our development by placing more and more in our care, entrusting us with challenging and sometimes difficult, but, above all, innovative projects and by happily working together to reach solutions.